9. - 12. AUGUST 2018
Festplatz -Tübingen 

The International Africa Festival Germany brings people together to celebrate African music and talents under German skies in Tübingen.

The Festival offers a stage for real talents and professional Musicians, Traditional Balletts, Ensembles and more

It´s Programs ranges from Concerts, Shows, Workshops  and Aftershow Partys. Another important aspect of the Festival is the Africa Parade, Pan - Africa Fashion Show as well as Programs for young people and family

From 9th to 12th August, the Festival celebrates it's eigth Edition under theme  #Music connects - 100+ Artist and Concerts on 2 Stages 

Come and enjoy Africa in its cultural richness, a paradise of acrobatics and talents from this years focus country: Tanzania as well as other African countries.

Discover authentic talents, real people with dreams, positive energy and perspectives! 

I wish you a great time of your life. 

Susan Tatah